Do you love building great mobile apps?

So do I. I've been developing native apps since 2008 and I've seen a lot of mobile app technologies come and go, but React Native struct me as the next step forward.

But perhaps you need a helping hand to get off the starting line?

I offer the following services to help you get the most out of React Native:


React Native Training

Need help getting your team up to speed with React Native? I offer training services to make sure that you and your team are up and running in days, not weeks.

React Native Migration Consultation

Have a native iOS or Android project that's getting hard to maintain? I can help assess your situation and recommend a path forward for migrating to React Native.

Native Module Development

Comfortable with React and Javascript, but iOS and Android are alien turf?

I can develop native modules so that you and your team can stay in Javascript while I take care of the complexity of the native code.

Contact Me

Have a question or an idea for a project? Reach out to me using the email link below. I look forward to hearing from you!